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News CenterPostal Account Verification Service

To catch up on the trend of financial technology industrial transformation, we have cooperated with Contracted Institution through Application Programming Interface (API) technics to allow our depositors using their Postal Accounts information to complete online identity verification on Contracted Institution or Third-Party Service Provider (TSP) platforms for multi purposes.
This service does not affect depositors' fund transfer. The system only provides message codes as the verification results with Contracted Institutions. Customers should review and agree with the Service Policy before using online identity verification on Contracted Institution/ TSP platforms. Postal Account Verification Service is one of verification methods which provided by Contracted Institution / TSP, and relevant services or products on platforms mentioned above do not belong to Chunghwa Post.
Postal Account Verification Service Contracted Providers
    1.Please refer to TSP official announcement for reference.
    2.Service type is based on TSP disclosed information.
    3.The system only provides message codes as the final verification results with contracted institutions, and personal account information is excluded.
    4.This service does not involve depositors' money transfer transactions.
Dispute and Indemnity
Services or products provided by Contracted Institutions/ TSP platforms do not belong to Chunghwa Post. When Account Verification engages in any other unauthorized uses or service disputes, Contracted Institutions shall be obligated to look into problems and we will provide relevant information for investigation as well.
If error occurs to services for reasons attributable to the fault of Contracted Institutions or the cooperated TSP, Contracted Institutions shall be responsible for whole investigation and the damages to Customers.